How Dhulaiwala Works

Dhulaiwala takes out the pain of doing your laundry by yourself and let you spend your time on more productive tasks. Even with the advent of modern domestic washing machines, we have to spend time and energy every time to set up the washing machine and some more time to get the iron done by the local laundry. For people on move, where every second is precious, trying to maintain their work-life balanced but this is not the solution. We need a better solution! This is where Dhulaiwala fills in the gaps. You can place an order with just few taps on your Android Phones or iPhone. Our pickup and delivery staff picks your garments and returns you freshly done clothes. You can track status of your garments from pick-up to delivery in real-time. If you want to do your laundry by yourself and experience a first hand treatment on doing laundry, then the better way will be to book a schedule for a wash and drop yourself at our self-service centers and get your laundry done. Our friendly staff helps you through-out the process, so that you can maybe spend time on checking and answering your mails.

  1. Place Order Place a order through mobile apps

  2. Pick up Pickup man reached in a time

  3. Wash & Iron We Wash And Iron to your requirement

  4. We Deliver We delivered you in your time

  5. Proper Invoice We Provides invoice after delivery

  1. Visit stores Visit our store near by from your location

  2. Book a slot Book a slot in your time

  3. Wash And Dry Wash And Dry Your Clothes

  4. Enjoying service Now enjoy our service and goodby

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