We are eagerly waiting for the services of Dhulaiwala. When I heard about them for the first time the only thing that came in my mind to get rid of daily laundry hazards which is indeed a pain for me.

  Mr Biswanath Chakraborty


This is really a boon for us. All I can say that if I need to stay at the peace of my mind then I will simply opt for Dhulaiwala and my daily laundry work will be taken care of. It’s simple and easy to place your order.

  Mr Ambar Mukherjee

  Professor Journalism

As a working woman it becomes really difficult for me to manage office along with the daily house hold work. Dhulaiwala will is a stress buster for me where I can easily place my order and I get quality laundry work within a window of 24 hours

  Mrs Mita Mukherjee

  Editor-The Telegraph

Our profession demands to be highly conscious on our uniform as we speak about the law. Dhulaiwala can help to keep up my professionalism at the very best through a headache free laundry work. Waiting for the launch.

  Ms Alotriya

  Advocate - High Court

Most of my day is well spent in my recording sessions and I hardly get a time to keep a check on my laundry, specially the horrific ironing and folding. Dhulaiwala, the name buzzes me with joy because I can concentrate more on music rather in doing laundry

  Mr Sauvik Lahiri

  Music Composer

I always recommend my clients to use different cleaning medium to take care of their linen but hardly any one finds time to do so. Now I don’t have to explain them so much, all I have to do is to ask them to download the Dhulaiwala app and there laundry will be taken care by the best hands

  Ms Writupriya

  Fashion Consultant

Kolkata finally will get something new. Well an online laundry in Kolkata will not only solve the laundry problem to a great extent but it’s an extra mile for turning the city into a smarter and faster one

  Mr Santunu Dutta

  Business personal

What can I say, you all know how hospitality industry works but the inside story is a major amount of time, money and labour is spent on our in-house laundry which can be replaced by Dhulaiwala in the near future. It’s time to think smart

   Mr Sombit Ghoshal

   Hotelier Kenelworth